Below:  The Jewish Worship
Pennant flies above the American
Flag aboard a U.S. Navy Ship,
symbolizing "One Nation, Under
God."  Right: The three symbols of
the U.S.Military
Chaplaincy--Christian, Muslim,
Jewish--on the arms of 3 Navy
Beirut, Lebanon
(Click for newspaper
article on the story of the
kippa, which replaced his
blood-soaked skullcap
following the 1983
Truck Bomb Attack);
Below- Foxhole
Counseling, 1984, with the
Marines in Beirut. (Click
photos for more info.)
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President Ronald
Reagan's 1984 Keynote
Rabbi Resnicoff's  Beirut
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Rabbi Arnold E. Resnicoff is a consultant on interfaith values and
interreligious affairs; a former line officer who served in Vietnam's
Mekong Delta, followed by assignments with Naval Intelligence
Naval Security Group) before attending rabbinical school; a retired
Navy Chaplain who earned the
Defense Superior Service Medal for
his work with military and civilian leaders throughout Europe,
Africa, and the Mid-East while serving as the Command Chaplain
for the U.S. European Command;  and a former National Director of
Interreligious Affairs for the American Jewish Committee.  From
June 2005 to June 2006, he served as  Special Assistant (for Values
and Vision) to the Secretary and Chief-of-Staff of the U.S. Air Force,
with the equivalent military rank of Brigadier General.  
Headquartered in the Pentagon, this appointment took him to Air
Force bases in more than ten countries around the world, including
those in Iraq, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.  On June 16,
2006, Secretary of the Air Force Michael Wynne presented him with
USAF Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service--the highest
award that the Air Force can present to a civilian.         

Chaplain Resnicoff was part of the small group of Vietnam Veterans
who helped create the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, delivering the
closing prayer at its 1982 dedication.   He was present in Beirut,
Lebanon, on Oct 23, 1983, when a
suicide truck bomb killed 241
Americans, and wounded 60 others. The report the White House
asked him to write about that tragedy was read in full by President
Ronald Reagan as his
keynote address to the Rev. Jerry Falwell's
"Baptist Fundamentalism 1984" convention in Washington, DC.  
His article, "
Prayers that Hurt: Public Prayer in Interfaith Settings,"
has been used in many civilian and military chaplain training
programs, and two of his own prayers are included in "The Treasury
of American Prayer."  He was the first chaplain to teach a course at a
military war college ("Faith and Force: Religion, War, and Peace," at
the Naval War College), was the recipient of the President's Honor
Graduate Award for his time there as a student, and helped establish
the annual conference on Leadership and Ethics.  He was the first
chaplain to conduct a special conference on ethics for the Camp
David staff.
 In 1986 he was sent to Iceland to lead Yom Kippur
services during the Reagan-Gorbachev summit.  He was the driving
force behind the military's decision to participate in the
Days of
Remembrance of the Victims of the Holocaust, and involved in many
issues of religion, ethics, and morals in the military, including
expanded policies of military accommodation of the free exercise of
religion, such as the right of Jewish personnel to wear
kippot/skullcaps while in uniform.   In addition to many other
honors, Resnicoff has the distinction of offering more Senate and
House session prayers than any rabbi in history.
(Longer Bio.)

Faith and Force: Religion, War, and Peace
Friday evening
"Faith and Foxholes: Religion in the Military"
Saturday morning or lunch
"Swords and Plowshares:
Jewish Views of War and Peace"
Saturday evening or Sunday breakfast
"Dreams from Nightmares:
The Jewish Way to Remember

Alternative(partnering with church/es?)
"From Diatribe to Dialogue--and Beyond:
New Rules of Engagement for Interfaith Relations"
More Lecture Info
Camp Hope Refugee Camp, Albania, 1999.
First ship
into Cambodia,
May 12, 1970.
(Click for
more info.)
Leading first
Israel's Western
Wall (Kotel),
1983. (Click
for more info.)
With Chiefs
of Chaplains,
Fiume Gqiba,
South Africa;
and Sabelo
International Chiefs of  Chaplains Conference,Geneva,
February 2000.
Faith and Force, Leadership and Ethics, Interfaith Relations, Memories and Dreams
Captain, Chaplain Corps,USN (Ret)
Special Assistant
(Values and Vision)
to the Secretary and
of the U.S. Air Force

Selected Notes in the News:
2017 Article on 1983 Kotel Service
2013 Dartmouth Daniel Webster Award
2012 Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal
Op-Ed, USA Today, July 12, 2010
Interfaith Dinner, Toronto, Apr 2007
AF Core Values linked to Oath, Jun 06
Iraq Visit, Aug 05
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Is Anyone Ever Truly Prepared to Kill?
Op-Ed: Christian Science Monitor, Jun 04
Christian Science Monitor, May 2002:
"A Call For Perceptiveness"
St. Petersburg Times, Dec 2001
"Lion, Lamb, Reside in One Man"
Taking Faith to the New Front Lines,

Nov 11,2002--Standing next to Jan Scruggs, founder of
the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Rabbi Resnicoff
delivers the
closing prayer at the 20th anniversary
Veterans Day ceremony at the
Vietnam Veterans
Wall--the same closing prayer he delivered at the Nov
82 dedication.
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Left: Delivering
Capitol Rotunda,
1987 Holocaust
Days of
U.S. Senate: Being introduced by Senator
Stevens, to deliver the prayer to open the
session, Jan 22, 2003.
With Gen and Mrs. Wesley K. Clark,
USEUCOM Headquarters, Stuttgart
Left: With William Cardinal
Kasper, the Vatican's top
representative on Ecumenical
Affairs, and Jewish-Catholic
relations, 2002.
Left: Clinton
White House
breakfast for
religious leaders,
discussing religious
approaches to
violence in our
schools, 1998.
White House, Hanukka Reception,
Dec 2005
June 16, 2006, The Honorable Michael
Wynne, Secretary of the Air Force,
presents Rabbi Resnicoff with the

USAF Decoration for Exceptional
Civilian Serivce, the highest award the
AF can give to a civilian.
Apr 84, President Reagan reads Rabbi Resnicoff's
report of the 1983 Beirut truck bomb attack as the
keynote speech for Jerry Falwell's convention,
"Baptist Fundamentalism '84."

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Right: Visiting patients at the
Air Force Theater Hospital,
Balad Air Base,  during a
2005 visit to Iraq. To his left is
Lt.Col.(Dr.) Mark Werner,
332nd Expeditionary Medical
Operations Squadron
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