News Articles and Reports Regarding
US Air Force (USAF) and Air Force Academy (USAFA):

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Jewish Groups May Help with AF Guidelines,
Washington Jewish Week, 6/25/06

AF Seeking Input for Initiatives to Update Guiding Principles,
Stars and Stripes, 12/05

AF Sets New Rules for Prayer by its Chaplains, Washington Times, 2/10/06

USAF Commended for Guidelines on Religious Exercise, 2/9/06

Air Force Flies New Tolerance Guidelines,
JTA Release, Jewish Journal of Los Angeles, 9/23/05

AF Bans Leaders' Promotion of Religion, NY Times, 8/30/05

AF Appoints Task Force to Address Religious Climate at the U.S. Air Force Academy, Air Force News/Link, 5/4/05

AF Academy Addresses "Challenges to Pluralism"
Harvard University - The Pluralism Project - 2006 Report

Religious Tolerance Website Report

Faith and Foxholes: Fostering Religious Tolerance in America's Armed Forces
Report from School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), 2/27/06
on Rabbi Resnicoff's presentation, broadcast over CSPAN
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Religion and the Military