Monday, January 22, 2003

Rabbi Arnold E. Resnicoff





O God, who made a world of change, you challenged us to change the world.  You gave us dreams of better times, and the power to pursue those dreams: to do our part to make a difference, and help those dreams come true.  This week we set aside a day to recall that there are those who seek to kill the dreamers, and thereby kill the dreams. But we will remember dreamers, and through our work – through the courage and determination of Americans of all faiths and colors – we will embrace the dreams that make our nation strong: that make us a force for hope and freedom throughout the world. 


Almighty God, at a time when others say, around the world, that all is hopeless, that things will never change, we roll up our sleeves as this session now begins, and remind ourselves that how we act does matter, and what we do does count.  Through our leaders here, through Americans from sea to shining sea –and of course, through those in our nation's forces whose faith and courage must sustain them in harm's way--we will keep the dreams alive: to build a land where liberty will be proclaimed, where justice rolls like mighty waters, where all shall live in freedom – and, one day, where none shall be afraid.  And may we say, Amen.