Friday, June 13, 2003
                                           Rabbi Arnold E. Resnicoff
                                                   Guest Chaplain

O God who made the rainbows in the sky, you made our land a rainbow, too: from purple mountain majesties to amber waves of grain, we marvel at the colors of our nation, and the beauty of our land.

Today, this week, and tomorrow in a special way -- Flag Week, and June 14, Flag Day--we set aside some time to honor special colors: the colors of our flag.  We celebrate the values our flag in all its colors and its glory represents, and the memories and dreams our Stars and Stripes--our Star-Spangled Banner--still invokes.  "The grand old flag," as the old song goes, is still "the emblem of the land I love"--we love--"the home of the free and the brave."

In a moment we will pledge our allegiance to the flag--and to the Republic for which it stands.  As we take that pledge today, let us make that pledge a prayer.  Let us pray that the colors of our flag, and the true colors of our nation and our people--our dedication to the cause of liberty and justice for all; our courage and determination even in the face of adversity; and our faith--are forever represented by our flag.  May it bring hope of better times to all the citizens of our land, and all the nations of our world.  May it forever wave, o'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave.

And may we say, Amen.