The amphibious tank landing ship USS Hunterdon County entered Cambodian waters May 12 to become the first United States navy vessel to do so.
   Designed to stage, refuel and rearm UH-1 gunship helicopters, Hunterdon County is a support ship also capable of supplying, maintaining and repairing river patrol craft, acting as a roving communicater center and providing gunfire support of her own.
   Since entering Cambodia, the 838 tank landing ship has been providing support to the forces of the Republic of Vietnam and their U.S. Army and Navy advisors.
   Her record of more than 5,000 consecutive accident-free helicopter landings in Vietnam has grown steadily
in Cambodia, with the rearming of as many as 40 "birds" a day.  The "birds" include the Navy's attack "Hueys," the Army's rocket-carrying "Cobras," and helicopters of the Republic of Vietnam's Air Force.
   In addition she has supplied fuel and food to the U.S. Naval Forces patrolling the Mekong River.  These units included river patrol boats (PCFs), river assault groups (RAGs) and various other amphibious assault and patrol craft.
   Commanded by Lieutenant Commander Warren H. Fischer, Hunterdon County has an impressive record on the rivers of the Mekong Delta.
   In 1967, following extensive overhaul and modernization, Hunterdon County sailed for the Republic of Vietnam.  She has operated on the rivers and coastal waters of that Republic since that time.
   During this period, Hunterdon assisted in the capture of one of the largest Viet Cong arms caches in the Mekong Delta on March 29, 1969, and in August of the same year, established the record for the furthest transit of the Bassac River by a U.S. Navy vessel.
   Three hundred twenty-seven feet long, Hunterdon County carries a crew of 135 men and is a member of Landing Ship Flotilla One based in Yokosuka, Japan.
Volume 22, Number 12   AMPHIBIOUS FORCE PACIFIC FLEET   June 19, 1970
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Rabbi Arnold E. Resnicoff served onboard USS Hunterdon County from August 1969-August 1970, as a line officer -- prior to his ordination as a Rabbi in 1976.  He
was Junior Officer of the Deck  on May 12, 1970, when Hunterdon County
became the first commissioned vessel to enter Cambodia, as reported in
this newspaper article.